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2019 NBA Draft - Sharp Shooters

This is a list of the top impact shooting prospects for the 2019 NBA Draft. These players have a chance to fill a role or play meaningful minutes for a professional team because of their shooting prowess and efficiency. Players make this list for these reasons:
1) Their shooting statistics, either overseas or at the college or high school levels, compared with other shooting legends from the past, indicate their potential to be a deadly shooter at the next level.
2) Through watching them play and shoot, it is easy to recognize that they have certain talent, abilities, or traits that show great shooting potential and that they could become elite shooters with coaching, improvement, and/or repetition.

Players on the list are ordered according to their projected potential success in the NBA as a shooter.

Tyler Herro
photo courtesy of
University of Kentucky Athletics

1. Tyler Herro - 6'5", 195lbs - SG - Freshman - Kentucky
Herro is an absolute pure shooter. He would shoot high percentages at Kentucky with age if he stayed in school. Herro can stop on a dime and deliver an on-balance shot. He finds open space to get good looks. He has extreme confidence in his shot, and it shows in his free throw percentage.

Darius Garland
photo courtesy of
Vanderbilt University Athletics

2. Darius Garland - 6'3", 175lbs - PG - Freshman - Vanderbilt
Garland has a longer wind up to shoot and holds the ball in a low position before release on longer shots. He has great touch as he moves toward the basket, and is very accurate. His ability to flash quick-burst moves to get separation to shoot shows he is a top level talent.

Fletcher Magee
photo courtesy of
Wofford Athletics

3. Fletcher Magee - 6'4", 200lbs - SG - Senior - Wofford
Magee uses every trick imaginable to get off a shot - he is a master with screens, fakes, and misdirection. He has deep range, good footwork, and a quick release, even if his shot is a little awkward. Magee's shooting percentage would be even higher if he wasn't expected to be such a volume shooter. His athletic limitations won't allow him to be as effective as a pro, but he is still one of the best shooters around.

Daulton Hommes
photo courtesy of
PLNU Athletics

4. Daulton Hommes - 6'7", 215lbs - SF - Junior - Point Loma Nazarene (CA) (D2)
His height and elevation on jumpshots help him get clear looks. Hommes has excellent shot mechanics, follow through on his shot, and range. The fact that he can use his athleticism to also drive to the basket keeps defenses guessing on how he will attack.

Jordan Poole
photo courtesy of
University of Michigan Athletics

5. Jordan Poole - 6'5", 180lbs - SG - Sophomore - Michigan
His use of hesitations and fakes to get better shots is that of a seasoned veteran. Poole is a multi-faceted scorer with a quick-release on his shot. His footwork is fantastic and his 3-point percentage would have continued to rise at Michigan with age if he stayed in school.

Justin Wright-Foreman
photo courtesy of
Hofstra Athletics

6. Justin Wright-Foreman - 6'1", 185lbs - PG - Senior - Hofstra
Wright-Foreman is a dynamic offensive player beyond belief. He has a smooth high-arching, left-handed shot. He is confident and poised to shoot from anywhere on the court. Defenses play scared against him because of his fast first step and often choose to give him 3-point shots instead.

Kyle Guy
photo courtesy of
University of Virginia Athletics

7. Kyle Guy - 6'2", 175lbs - SG/PG - Junior - Virginia
Guy is a fabulous playmaker and makes great decisions. He has a quick release on his shot, excellent footwork, and great range. He has always made big shots in high pressure situations. Guy has great body control that allows him to make mid-range and off-balance shots.

Cameron Johnson
photo courtesy of
UNC Athletics

8. Cameron Johnson - 6'9", 210lbs - SF/PF - Senior - North Carolina
Johnson has a distinct advantage on the perimeter with his height to get good looks on deep shots. His shot mechanics are very clean and he has a quick release on his shot. He has continually improved as a shooter through his college years.

Garrison Mathews
photo courtesy of
Lipscomb Athletics

9. Garrison Mathews - 6'6", 205lbs - SG - Senior - Lipscomb
Mathews is an excellent catch-and-shoot scoring threat. There are things he does that are similar to Kyle Korver - he uses screens well to eliminate defenders and has outstanding body position to get his feet set and shoulders square very quickly for shot attempts.

Dylan Windler
photo courtesy of
Mike Strasinger/Belmont Athletics

10. Dylan Windler - 6'8", 200lbs - SF/SG - Senior - Belmont
He has a really good left-handed shooting stroke, with exceptional follow through. Windler is a very accurate shooter because of his footwork and square shoulders on each shot. He is strong and has great mechanics, so his shot looks similar late in games, even when he is tired.

Max Strus
photo courtesy of
DePaul Athletics

11. Max Strus - 6'6", 220lbs - SG/SF - Senior - DePaul
Strus is a pure shooter who may have the best looking shot of the 2019 draft class. He has excellent mechanics and a very consistent shot. Strus has good size and ability to attack the basket well to make him a threat beyond shooting. He prepares his hands and feet well to receive the ball for a quick shot.

Darnell Edge
photo courtesy of
FDU Athletics

12. Darnell Edge - 6'2", 185lbs - SG/PG - Senior - Fairleigh Dickinson
He is a consistent and accurate shooter with outstanding form. Edge is fantastic at getting his own shot off of the dribble. He does a great job to recognize when a defense overplays him on the perimeter and drives to the basket for easy scores.

Matt Morgan
photo courtesy of
Cornell University Athletics

13. Matt Morgan - 6'2", 175lbs - SG/PG - Senior - Cornell
Morgan squares up well and follows through on long shots, even with the defense bearing down on him. He does a great job with using hesitations to keep the defense guessing. Morgan likes to shoot from very deep, and he exudes confidence.

Robert Franks, Jr.
photo courtesy of
Washington State Athletics

14. Robert Franks, Jr. - 6'8", 230lbs - PF/SF - Senior - Washington State
Franks rolls well off of screens and gets plenty of open shots. He is big and strong, which allows him to successfully defend players in the post, then drag them to the perimeter to defend him. Franks loves to shoot corner threes. His shot mechanics and form are excellent.

Cam Reddish
photo courtesy of
Duke University Athletics

15. Cam Reddish - 6'9", 205lbs - SF/SG - Freshman - Duke
Reddish has all of the tools an elite shooter needs - size, strength, shooting base, confidence. He is inconsistent with his form and delivery from one shot to the next, so he is very streaky, but he is likely to improve. Reddish has a long wind up to shoot (wasted motion) that might be holding him back.

Jaylen Nowell
photo courtesy of
Scott Eklund/Washington Athletics

16. Jaylen Nowell - 6'5", 185lbs - SG/PG - Sophomore - Washington
Nowell has sound shot mechanics and is very consistent in the delivery. His shot selection and decision making are outstanding. He constantly puts pressure on the defense and moves toward the basket to create the easiest shot possible, for himself or teammates.

Mike Daum
photo courtesy of
SDSU Athletics

17. Mike Daum - 6'9", 235lbs - PF/C - Senior - South Dakota State
Daum has a long wind up to shoot and slings his ball from far over his head on long shots. He has exceptional shooting touch. His size and rebounding, combined with his ability to shoot, make him a versatile player. Daum could thrive as a stretch four or high post with his shooting range.

Marial Shayok
photo courtesy of
Iowa State Athletics

18. Marial Shayok - 6'5", 195lbs - SG/SF - Senior - Iowa State
Shayok is a great all-around player that continues to expand his skill set. His length makes him a problem for defenses in many ways. He is a very accurate shooter that gets his shot in a variety of ways. Shayok is a fantastic shooter with a very high ceiling, he may still improve much more beyond college.

Bennie Boatwright
photo courtesy of
USC Athletics

19. Bennie Boatwright - 6'10", 230lbs - PF - Senior - USC
Boatwright is well prepared with his hands and feet to receive a pass to shoot on the perimeter, a very impressive skill. He loves to shoot threes from the top of the key, which is a high percentage shot for him. His quick release and size are a great combination for a stretch four player.

Carsen Edwards
photo courtesy of
Purdue University Athletics

20. Carsen Edwards - 6'0", 195lbs - PG - Junior - Purdue
Edwards is very undersized, but is strong and a pure scorer. He has fantastic shooting form and it doesn't seem to falter, even when he is tired. He has a quick release on his shot, which he will take even in heavy traffic. Edwards has the skills of a successful sixth man in the NBA, instant offense and intensity.

Matt Mooney
photo courtesy of
Texas Tech Athletics

21. Matt Mooney - 6'3", 200lbs - SG/PG - Senior - Texas Tech
Mooney is a shooter with lots of lead guard skills, his passing and court vision are outstanding. He has a great floater and mid-range shot game, very sneaky. Mooney takes many off-balance shots, but does a nice job with body position and footwork and still makes many of those shots.

Aubrey Dawkins
photo courtesy of
UCF Athletics

22. Aubrey Dawkins - 6'6", 205lbs - SF/SG - Junior - UCF
Dawkins is a smooth shooter with great shot selection. He does a great job to square his shoulders, even on off-balance shots. He has good elevation on his jumpshot to get a clear look at the basket. Dawkins picks apart defenses with great decisions on whether to drive to the basket or shoot.

Tyler Hall
photo courtesy of Andrew Pedersen/
Montana State Athletics

23. Tyler Hall - 6'5", 210lbs - SG - Senior - Montana State
Hall has solid shot mechanics that allow him to produce a consistent and repeatable shot. He is a versatile offensive player with nice touch. Hall can score in a variety of ways moving toward the basket, but also does a great job to catch-and-shoot from the perimeter.

Ryan Cline
photo courtesy of
Purdue University Athletics

24. Ryan Cline - 6'5", 195lbs - SG - Senior - Purdue
Cline shoots on the run often, coming off of screens or moving toward the basket. He slings the ball from directly over his head. Cline can be a very streaky shooter, but deadly when he is hot. He is not afraid to fire up shots from deep range.

Zach Norvell, Jr.
photo courtesy of
Mike Wootton/Gonzaga Athletics

25. Zach Norvell, Jr. - 6'5", 205lbs - SG - Sophomore - Gonzaga
Norvell has a lefty-sidewinder stance on longer shots, especially in the corners. He has a great offensive arsenal that keeps defenses honest. Norvell likes to knife through traffic and use an effective floater on drives to the basket.

Honorable Mention: Bryce Brown - SG, Auburn, Corey Davis, Jr. - SG - Houston, Quinndary Weatherspoon - SG, Mississippi State, Vasa Pusica - PG, Northeastern, Bol Bol - C, Oregon, Drew McDonald - PF, Northern Kentucky, Dedric Lawson - PF/SF, Kansas

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